Drawings for approval directly from the configurator

Drawings for approval directly from the configurator

Did you know that?

Effective immediately, our series Micro-Z and DWL drawings are available as 2D data sheets in the configurator. Thus, you can already receive the approval drawing within 24 hours after ordering.

Download the drawing yourself or request it with the request and send your drawing approval directly with the order.

Detailed instructions on how to download the drawings can be found here.

Currently, 2D data sheets / drawings for approval for the Micro-Z and DWL series can be downloaded. So you can send us your approval directly when ordering.

That's how it works:

  1. Configure the desired cylinder as usual.
  1. At the end of the configuration you will see the selection "CAD output options". Select "2D data sheet (view: left)".

  1.  "Continue" to the configuration overview. In the configuration overview, press the "CAD" button above.

  1. In the 2D view, select the "Left" view and a format for export.