About us

What we care about, moves the industry

Hydraulic cylinders in all conceivable designs for the most diverse applications are our world! Since 1993, our founding year, our heart beats for hydraulic precision technology - for innovative in-house developments, modifications and special requests, individual components and complete assemblies. But not only.

What our customers and business partners appreciate no less is the "human dimension" beyond our technical expertise and virtuosity in design and production.

It is a commitment to fairness and honourable conduct, responsible use of resources, appreciation of our employees and a partner-like relationship with our clients.

Almost 95 % of all new customers remain loyal to us or find their way back to us. Because we put our heart and soul into our work, have an enormous wealth of experience to draw on and our commitment is ultimately focused on one point: to provide each customer with the most advantageous solution for his specific application situation.

When we come to work in the morning, we don't "come to work". We rather feel it as a continuation of a journey together. What drives us is the realization that our "staying on the ball" or the "desire to get ahead" helps everyone to move forward together. A solid basis, healthy growth, secure income and a carefree mind for new perspectives and fresh ideas - that is Agirossi too.

Choose Agirossi. And be inspired by our expertise, excellent advice and comprehensive solution competence.


Rossano Vincenti
Founder of the AGIROSSI GmbH