Special cylinders

Overview of our product range

The complete overview is also available as PDF download.

Here you get to the standard cylinders

Special cylinder on request:

  • maximum piston diameter: 500mm
  • maximum working pressure: 400 bar (40Mpa)
  • double-acting hydraulic cylinders
  • double-rod cylinders
  • single-acting hydraulic cylinders
  • Plunger cylinders
  • double-acting telescopic cylinders
  • single-acting telescopic cylinders
  • pneumatic cylinders
  • all cylinders are available in stainless steel or special painting


  • according to ATEX
  • transducers
  • valve technic
  • pipe-break protection
  • anti-twist protection
  • casing
  • reed contact
  • master/slave method
  • contact switch
  • inductive sensors
  • special fits
  • more layouts upon request



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