25 years of Konfigurator - We have always been pioneers and courageous for new things!

25 years of Konfigurator - We have always been pioneers and courageous for new things!

You have read correctly - our configurator celebrates its 25th anniversary! This is of course a reason for us to celebrate and also to look back on the past 25 years. Because our configurator has evolved from a simple electronic catalog to a complex system from 1996 to today. Over the years, not only more than one million euros, but also 25,000 working hours have been invested.. And the result is something to be proud of!

Our configurator has developed continuously over the last few years and is always at the cutting edge of technology. Our heart still beats for innovation today, just as it did 25 years ago, and we are full of curiosity for new things.

Are you wondering what has changed since 1996 and what our latest configurator has to offer you in comparison? We'll enlighten you about the most exciting changes!

Configurator 1996

Configurator 2021

  • Individual configurations

Over time, we have made the individual configuration of series possible with our configurator. Due to the different components and their individual composition, the number of possible combinations of your cylinders increases for you. This offers you both the opportunity to actively shape your cylinders and to continuously develop them further. In addition, your understanding of the product is increased, because the step-by-step configuration allows you to get to grips with the individual components.

Currently, you can already put together 11 cylinder series and accessories with our latest configurator. And this, of course, within the framework of the configurator, entirely according to your wishes and ideas. This offers you the necessary flexibility and individualisation of your cylinders.

  • Output of technical data

We have further developed our configurator so that it provides you with the technical data of your products effortlessly. This means that the product knowledge of the cylinders is available to you and your employees at any time.

  • Visualization of your cylinders

With our latest configurator, you can conveniently download your created product as a CAD model for viewing. This allows us to give you a more detailed picture and you can see exactly whether the cylinder meets your expectations.

  • Inquiries and offers

Finally, you can place your configurations in the shopping cart and request them directly via the configurator. We in turn can create an individual offer with price, delivery time and delivery conditions for you via the configurator.

  • Process shortening through automated follow-up processes

Our latest configurator provides release and production drawings for internal purposes. These are output to production and thus shorten the process up to production.