AGIROSSI hydraulic cylinder online configurator generation 4.0 online

The new version 4.0 of our popular configurator is online! Directly to the configurator Get professional drawings and quotations even faster now! NEW! Immediate free designation available for the Micro-Z, DWL and DWLX series.optional live preview of the CAD model during configuration.CAD preview in the configuration overview.detailed inquiry confirmation. OPTIMIZED! Secure connection, so your data remains protected, carefully revised design. Therefore no getting used to it is and interactive CAD-Viewer...

We moved!

On 23. April 2018 we moved to our new headquarters in Waldlaubersheim. Our new adress is now: AGIROSSI GmbH Große Heide 13 55444 Waldlaubersheim Tel.: +49 (0) 6707 / 9 15 75 15 Fax.: +49 (0) 6707 / 9 15 75 25

NEWS of April 2015!

We present our configurator at the seminar for quotation and cost cost calculation in mechanical and plant engineering at the VDI. The seminar will take place from 05.05. to 06.05.15 and will demonstrate methods for Short and quick calculations, project and concurrent calculations. Possibilities for the improvement of quotation and order processing through standardization and order processing through standardization and configuration. Prerequisites, conditions, criteria, guidelines for...