DWMI: Now available up to 250mm piston diameter!

Our DWMI series with integrated displacement encoder is now available in our online configurator up to piston-ø 250mm. These sizes complement our standard configurator: piston-ø 125mm/rod ø 60, 70, 80, 90mm piston-ø 140mm/ rod-ø 70, 80, 90, 100mm piston-ø 150mm/rod ø 80, 90, 100mm piston-ø 160mm/ rod-ø 90, 100, 120mm Piston-ø 180mm/rod ø...

DWMI series is being expanded!

We are pleased to inform you that our popular DWMI series with integrated displacement encoder will be extended upwards due to strong demand. The new piston diameters will be available in our online configurator for you to configure and request in the course of autumn. These sizes complement our standard: Piston ø 125mm/rod ø 50, 60, 70,...

DWMI with digital position measuring system

From now on mobile hydraulics position systems with digital output signal can be configured in our DWMI series. Did you know that? Piston sizes over ø100mm or unlisted piston rods can also be offered as DWMI. Simply send us your request by e-mail to

Double-acting hydraulic cylinder with integrated displacement measuring system - based on the DWMI series

Did you know that already? AGIROSSI installs displacement measuring systems -external or internal, complete with connectors- in almost all our standard series. Of course we also manufacture special cylinders completely according to your wishes or based on an existing series. Industrial sensor type EE from MTS and connection plug M12Piston-ø: 125 mmRod-ø: 80 mmStroke: 50 mmEBL: 490 mmOperating pressure: 280 barFixing: Bottom block and rod end GIHN-K63LO

3-Position Swing Cylinders

Piston ø70mm, rod ø40mm, stroke 56mm, operating pressure 350bar. After extending the cylinder to the end position, the Piston rod by two additional connections optionally to the right and can be turned to the left up to max. 90°. Surface treatment: piston rod and guide head QPQ, cylinder base NI-TEMPER

NEWS of June 2017:

Did you know? Agirossi also supplies mechanically machined special rod ends. Rod end made of galvanized steel and incl. maintenance-free spherical plain bearing.


Thanks to a large selection of different standard clevis bearing blocks for rod ends and trunnion bearing blocks, these cylinders can be supplied can be supplied ready for installation. They are completely assembled in our factory and only have to be and only need to be fixed in your house with screws. Drill, screw on and connect, no further effort necessary! In addition, the DWMI series can be further modified on request with additional...