DTC – Double-acting teleskopic cylinder – 175bar

Double-acting telescopic cylinders

  • maximum working pressure: 175 bar (17,5 Mpa)
  • maximum number of stages: 6
  • maximum stroke: 4.590mm


Further information

Our standard telescope cylinders type DTC have found, until today, a stabilized roll on mobile front list vehicles in general, on aircraft equipments as well as on stationary ranges. The type DTC is designed robust and can be operated until end stroke with high class seals and guides, under mentioned highest pressure. The proven modular principle offers you a varied program, with many types to short delivery times. Instead of a bottom pivot bearing are two mounted trunnions available, free of charge. Full-gimbals not correspond of the DTC standard, but are available upon request.


Standardized various surface treatments are available, for example NIKROM 350. Furthermore, stainless steel constructions are possible with the appropriate application. Our piston rods are standard with 25 - 30µm hard chrome plated. In particular, we achieve a surface hardness of HV 850/1150. The rod surfaces have a roughness of Ra 0.4µm.


Our Double-acting telescopic cylinders type DTC are exclusively made of material St 52 DIN 2391 with a min tensile strength Rm = 600 N / mm². Our sealing elements (by standard MERKEL) are allowed for temperatures from - 30 ° C to + 110 ° C and a maximum pressure of 400 bar.

The maximum lifting speed of the telescope cylinders type DTC is 0.5 m / sec. with working pressures up to 225 bar.


At the end, our telescope cylinders are tested to 100% with 350bar hydraulically on function and tightness.

Operating direction:

When welding in near of the cylinder, the cylinder must be carefully protected from sparks and welding beads. An appropriate filter (? 20 µm) and a relief pressure valve in the hydraulic system is mandatory. Before painting / priming the system, it is very important to cover the extract elements of the telescope cylinder carefully. In idle position, a tipping container (or weight) is not allowed to retain on the telescope cylinder. The cylinders always have to be 20 to 30 mm greater than the actual DTC dimension.
For the hydraulic system only hydraulic medium is appropriate for use. In addition, we can suggest the use of biopetrolium amongst other things of the brand PANOLIN. Supplied telescope cylinders with grease nipples should be provided at least monthly with suitable grease. Of course, regular cleaning of the extract elements without aggressive medium, increases the life of seals considerably. Contamination of any kind inevitably conduct to premature wear of components. With an open line it exists an increased caution. Extreme caution applies: Generally in installation and planning of pipe-break protection, lowering brake valves or similar controls, in which the pressure flow (by breaking-in of the rod) could be closed.

The cylinders type DTC are mainly constructed and accordingly produced for the production of vehicles. The cylinder type DTC is generally mainly designed for vehicle and manufactured accordingly. By the choice of a standard double acting telescope cylinders the type DTC is to follow, that each new application area should be pre-decided with our technical office. Generally, by industrial or other mobile applications, modifications or changed constructions are nessecary. At the consultation, our technical office is of course happy to help you.


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