ISO 6020/2 T3 - Tie rod cylinder with position transducer

ISO 6020/2 T3 - Tie rod cylinder with position transducer

Tie rod cylinders according to ISO 6020/2

  • with integrated position transducer
  • maximum working pressure: 160 bar (16 Mpa)
  • Test pressure: 240 bar (24 Mpa)
  • piston diameter: 40 to 200mm


Further information

The Series R3 / M3 / T3 of the double acting and double rod hydraulic cylinders and servo cylinders was designed to fulfill the demand according to DIN 24554 and ISO 6020/2 (Edition of 1991) norms in accordance with the construction standards. The compact construction with square heads and tie rod , the careful choose of materials and seals, in contact with a strict final control, which simulates the normal work of the cylinders, guarantees a maximum accomplishment of the cylinders for each kind of industrial application, in which a maximum of operational reliability and repeatability, with high dynamic properties, are required.



Technical Information

According to ISO 6020/2 (1991 Edition) and DIN 24554

Rod diameter:
Depending on the piston diameter, 2 or 3 rod diameters are available, which follow the selection below:
a) 1:1,25 reduced rod size
b) 1:2 middle rod size
c) 1:2 large rod size

Rod material:
high resistant, polished and chrome plated, with a surface roughness of Ra = 0.2 µm. Upon request, the rod can be made induction-hardened, of stainless steel or with Ni-Cr surface

According to customer with a tolerance of 0-1mm by strokes to 1000mm and with a tolerance of 0-4mm by strokes to 6000mm

Maximum movement speed:
0.5 m/s

Temperature range:
from -20 °C to +100 °C

Standard hydraulic fluid:
Mineral oil according to ISO 6743/4 - 1982 with efficiency according to ISO 4406

fixing types of the series R3:
The range of ISO 6020/2 Series R3 cylinders offers 17 different mounting styles based on the qualifications required by your application. On the following pages, you will find a description of how to select the correct differential or clock cylinder and accessories based on the application and installation location.

For special applications and stresses please do not hesitate to contact our technical office. They always stand by your disposal.

Available attachments and accessories:
14 different standard types according to ISO standards and 3 without this one - complete these large choose of accessory, which can be choosen to each type and need.

The selection of the type of fastening does not only depend on the installation location, but above all on the reaction forces which act on the cylinder depending on the working direction.

Seals and hydraulic fluids:
The, in the series of R3 cylinders used seal material, equates the ISO standard 6020/2 and fulfills the demand of the industry, which works with mineral oil and uses ISO 6743/4-1982 for hydraulically pressure fluids. The working limits of the used mixtures, the installed seals in the rod guide bushing, piston and cylinder tube are described in the table below, with respect to the used hydraulic fluid, speed and minimum working pressure. Standard seals operate in the temperature range -20 ° C and +100 ° C. Should special working conditions exceed this temperature range, offers AGIROSSI special high temperature seals.

If hydraulic fluids should be used with a water and glycol mixture or special fluid, special seals are available. For applications in which a low friction coefficient is required and a lack of friction vibration, low-friction seals can be supplied.

Please specify the identification code of the mixture for seals, as shown in the order specification (article code) on page 8 of the catalog. Upon request, special seal types and guide rings for high radial loading can be supplied, which will not be mentioned in the table. For more information please contact our technical office: +49 (0) 6707 - 9157515.