DWM – Welded cylinder – 210bar

Welded cylinders

  • maximum working pressure: 210 bar (21 Mpa)
  • maximum pressure: 250 bar (25 Mpa)
  • piston diameter: 25 to 250mm
  • double-rod cylinders


Further information

Due to the different mounting options and piston diameters from 25 to 250mm, the cylinders are versatile. Strokes up to 6000mm are possible, the kink resistance must be taken into account.

The Double acting hydraulic cylinders move in and out hydraulically. Piston surface and volume differentiate the ring surface and ring volume. The area ratio is to observe, as here takes place a pressure transmission. In addition, it is to observe, that at a constant pump displacement volume of the cylinder, due to the lower volume on the ring side, the cylinder retracts quickly in the ratio.


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