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- Piston diameter: 50 to 320mm

- Rod diameter: 32 to 280mm (addicted to bore)

- Stroke: according to customer

- Cylinder attachment: 5 standard attachments, 2 not standardized attachments

- Maximum working pressure: to 160bar (16 Mpa)

- Maximum pressure: 320bar (32 Mpa)

- operating temperature: -20°C to +100°C



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The Series R2 / W2 of the single and Double acting hydraulic cylinders was designed to fulfill the demand according to DIN and ISO norms of iron and steel in accordance with the construction standards ISO 6022 and DIN 24333. The compact installation of the cylinders, the careful choose of materials and seals, in contact with a strict final control, which simulates the normal work of the cylinders, guarantees a maximum accomplishment of the cylinders for each kind of industrial application.

Technical Information

According to norm ISO 6022 DIN 24333

Working pressure: 250 bar (25 MPa)

Piston diameter:
From 50 to 400 mm inclusive 2 dimensions out of ISO 6022

Rod diameter:
Each second rod diameter in the area from 32 to 280mm in addiction of the bore in the following rate:

a) 1:1,65 reduced rod size
b) 1:2 standard rod

Rod material:
Very robust, high quality alloy rod, polished and chrome plated, with a surface roughness of Ra = 0.2 µm. Upon request, the rod can be made induction-hardened, of stainless steel or with Ni-Cr surface

According to customer with a tolerance of 0-1mm by strokes to 1000mm and with a tolerance of 0-4mm by strokes to 6000mm

Line connections:
As standard with metric threads and seal according to ISO 1179. According to customer with SAE-Flange according to DIN 3852-2.

Maximum movement speed:
0,5 m/s (basic version)

Temperature range:
From -20 °C to +100 °C

Standard hydraulic fluid:
Mineral oil according to ISO 6743/4 - 1982 with efficiency according to ISO 4406

Available attachments and accessories:
5 different standard cylinder attachments according to ISO and 2 not standardized attachments with a multitude of rod attachments



Attachment types of series R2
The range of cylinders to ISO 6022 R2 series offers 7 different attachment types, based on the fulfillment of the required qualifications of your application area. In the following you will find a description on the basis of the application area and the installation location of how you can find the correct differential or Double rod cylinder and accessories.
For special applications, and stresses please do not hesitate to contact our technical office at any time at your disposal.

Main category of attachment types

Feet attachment

Cylinders with feet attachment are not able to absorb force along the rod axis, which leads to that the cylinder develops a rotatory force against the attachment screws.

At this attachment type, it has to make sure that the force, which acts on the ball joint, is reduced as much as possible. This type of attachment is only available in a design that equates the identification code 03 (not according to ISO 6022) and should only be used where the working pressure is less than 160bar.

Flange attachment
This attachment type especially lends itself for cylinders which have to upset forces along their own axis, and are therefore adequate for lineal movements.They are available in 2 different types, which are grouped in the following codes:

01 - Front flange (ISO MF3)
02 - Bottom flange (ISO MF4)

The choice of attachments depends not alone on the installation location, but depends mainly of reaction forces from acting on the cylinder depending on the working direction.

Trunnion attachment
Cylinders with trunnion attachments are suitable for pressure- and tension work in which the load must be transported in a curved movement and in which the forces must be absorbed along its own axis. Two forms of this type are available as rear and center trunnion, which are divided into the following codes:

Pivot pin
07 - clevis on bottom (ISO MP3)
08 - rod end on bottom (ISO MP5)

06 - trunnion middle (ISO MT4)

Rod attachment Double rod cylinder

Double rod cylinders are usually available with all attachments, the favorites are the following types:

07 - clevis on bottom (ISO MP3)
08 - rod end on bottom (ISO MP5)



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