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Montag, Juni 17, 2019

Special double-rod cylinder from stainless steel for underwater operation



  • working space 350m deep in sea water
  • with a hole though both rods
  • 160 bar working pressure
  • mounting: flange and male thread on both sides
  • piston-ø / rod-ø: 50/35/35 mm
  • stroke 80 mm
Montag, November 5, 2018

Special cylinder made of stainless steel for underwater operation


  • ATEX Zone 1
  • with inductive sensors
  • 160 bar working pressure
  • Mounting: Front flange and screwed clevis with 10 mm adjustment range
  • Piston ø / rod ø: 40/20 and 50/25
  • Stroke from 300 mm to 600 mm


Drawings for approval directly from the configurator


Did you know that?

Effective immediately, our series Micro-Z and DWL drawings are available as 2D data sheets in the configurator. Thus, you can already receive the approval drawing within 24 hours after ordering.

Download the drawing yourself or request it with the request and send your drawing approval directly with the order.

Detailed instructions on how to download the drawings can be found

Montag, April 23, 2018



On 23. April 2018 we moved to our new headquarters in Waldlaubersheim.

Our new adress is now:

Große Heide 13
55444 Waldlaubersheim
Tel.: +49 (0) 6707 / 9 15 75 15
Fax.: +49 (0) 6707 / 9 15 75 25

Freitag, Dezember 1, 2017

Did you know that?

AGIROSSI uses position measuring systems - external or internal, complete with connectors - in almost every standard series.

Of course, we also manufacture special cylinders completely according to your wishes or based on an existing series.

Double-acting hydraulic cylinder with integrated displacement measuring system - based on the DWMI series

  • Industrial sensor type EE from MTS and connector M12
  • Piston ø: 125 mm
  • Rod-ø: 80 mm
  • Stroke: 50 mm
  • EBL: 490 mm
  • Operating pressure: 280 bar
  • Attachment: Bottom bottle and condyle GIHN-K63LO

You want to know more about the DWMI series? Then follow this link DWMI.

Donnerstag, November 2, 2017



New central office with extended function as innovation center with an integrated prototype production.



The groundbreaking ceremony has taken place.

Our company moves in March/April 2018 into the new building.

The new adress in the future will be:

Große Heide 13
55444 Waldlaubersheim

Freitag, September 1, 2017

3-Position Swing Cylinders


Piston ø70mm, rod ø40mm, stroke 56mm, working pressure 350bar.

After extending the cylinder to its end position, the rod can be rotated to max. 90° clockwise or counterclockwise - it's up to the operator - with the help of two additional oil ports.

Surface treatment: rod and head bush QPQ, end plug NI-TEMPER


Configuration module competition alternative cylinder:

Request with article code


You only have the article code of a competitor and you are looking for an Agirossi alternative cylinder?

Via configurator you can enter this article code and the original manufacturer and directly send a request.

The check of whether an alternative of your requested cylinders is available from Agirossi is then carried out at our company.


Montag, Juli 3, 2017

Special cylinder made of stainless steel

Double acting special pneumatic cylinders made of stainless steel with bronze rod guiding.

Piston-ø 260mm, rod-ø 45mm, stroke 200mm.

Fork mounting on rod and bottom.

Working pressure 10bar.

Donnerstag, Juni 1, 2017

Did you know?

Agirossi also supplies mechanically machined special ball-jont heads.


Zinc-plated steel ball-joint end with maintenance free spherical plain bearing.

Montag, April 3, 2017


Thanks to a wide selection of different standard clevis brackets for ball-joint heads and trunnion brackets, these cylinders can be supplied ready for mounting.

They are completely assembled in our house and have to be fixed in your house only with screws. Drilling, screwing and connecting, no further effort necessary!

In addition, the DWMI series can be further adapted to your needs with other modifications.

Also available as a system unit:


R3 - ISO 6020/2

R2 - ISO 6022

Mittwoch, März 1, 2017

DWMI - double acting hydraulic cylinder with a integrated position sensor



Working pressure: 250bar

Piston-ø: 40mm

Rod-ø: 20mm

Stroke: 50mm

Cylinder tube-ø: 50mm

Position sensor:
  - mobile hydraulic Temposonics
    MH-Series MS
  - with connector system M12x1
  - output0,25...4,75 VDC

unit price from 696,99€


Donnerstag, Dezember 1, 2016

ISO 6022 - R2 series new catalogue

A new catalogue version for the ISO 6022 - R2 series is now available for download.



Also updated: DTZD catalogue


Freitag, November 4, 2016

Single-acting foot pump manufactured according to customer requirements

Due to the nickel-plated surface and parts made of stainless steel, the foot pump is corrosion-resistant. Also suitable for offshore!

The foot lever is adjustable and can be folded up when not in use.

The oil tank has a volume of 1 liter and is additionally equipped with an oil foam glass.

The mounting frame of the foot pump can be customized according to customer requirements.

Further data:

  • maximum working pressure 300bar
  • oil connection M16x1,5

DTZD - double acting telescopic cylinders

Our series DTZD was extended with two additional sizes.

These cylinders are now available:

  • 3-stages: ø120/90/60mm
  • 4-stages: ø120/90/60/30mm



Donnerstag, September 1, 2016

Double-acting hydraulic cylinder of aluminium

Piston-ø: 25mm
Rod-ø: 14mm
Stroke: 45mm and 200mm
Working pressure: up to 200bar

The body of the cylinder is made of aluminium, the inner components and the rod are made of stainless steel and bronze.


Foot pump for double acting hydraulic cylinders to extend and retract - "PROTOTYPE"

The foot pump is equipped with a 4/3 directional control valve (middle position blocked) and a pressure relief valve (similar to our HPTD hand pump). The foot lever of the pump will be available in 2 standard versions and according to customer requirements.

Further data:

  • max. working pressure: 230bar
  • oil connections: G ¼“
  • oil volume of tank: optional 0,5 and 1 liters (tank size of the prototype 0,5 liters)

Increased demand for gripper cylinders

Piston-ø: 70mm
Rod-ø: 50mm
Stroke: 340mm
Closed length: 600mm
Attachment: spherical plain bearing on both sides ø40 mm

See also:



Telescopic cylinder with 4 stages with combined double and single acting function.

Stages-ø 120/160/200/240mm, closed length 1370mm, stroke 3550mm.

The fourth stage of the cylinder is double-acting, all other stages are single-acting.


A UNI sqeezing machine is being overhauled after 6 years.

The overhaul of the AGIROSSI cylinders contains only a new coat of paint.

Plunger cylinder with rod diameters 250mm and 300mm


Double-acting telescopic cylinder for use in automobile industry

DTZD telescopic cylinder with 3 stages and ball-joint end and trunnion attachements, stroke of 1750mm Hub


DTZD - New series of double-acting telescopic cylinders

You can download the flyer of this series.

    Download here...

Mittwoch, Januar 20, 2016

New! 3-fold redundant safety related hydraulic unit for Ecuador

The safety is performed by a position measuring system with a compression spring and hydraulic accumulator.

Piston: 63mm; Rod: 40mm

Dienstag, Januar 19, 2016

Update configurator:

The configurator is now also available in russian language!

Further changes: extended RAL color selection of DWM is now available with a picture of the color

Montag, November 2, 2015

New distributor for Agirossi

We would like to inform you about our collaboration with a new distributor partner.

The company Addis GmbH from St. Petersburg takes over the distribution of our products in Russia since 27.10.2015.

Donnerstag, Oktober 1, 2015

Cylinder for aircraft jacks

AGIROSSI produces special cylinders for aircraft jacks for the JMS AG! Can be seen on the inter airport Europe 2015.

Cylinder data:

Piston: ø180/150 mm
Rod: ø150/120 mm
Stroke: 1000/1370 mm


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