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Quality and adherence to delivery dates

Quality policy  

The stable quality of our products and services is one of the foundations of our successful business. Quality means for us to satisfy our customers as best. In this sense, quality is an important criterion for the purchase decision and forms a reliable bond with our customers.

To act quality conscious deliberately means for us to deal efficiently and gently with valuable resources. Each / every employee / technician has the duty and the right to eliminate circumstances that prevent the production of products with impeccable quality.

The continuous improvement of the quality therefore is for middle and long-term also a pre-condition for an effectively lowering of costs and a main contribution to support the environment.

A failure-free organisation and advanced method of the quality management form the neccessary frame for it. Our quality understanding and quality awareness as well as the quality attitude of all employees are a pre-condition for the satisfaction of our customers and therefor for the permanent success of our company.


Serial number

All hydraulic cylinders that leave our production are checked visually and by computer analysis for leaks and mechanical damage. After successful examination, all of our products receive a quality sign and a graven continuing serial number - also valid for all special products of our company.

QS - sign according to works-standard specification

Our hydraulic cylinder are principly performed with a QS-sign as well as with singular serial number. This etiquette owns a protective foil, which is capped generally at the final painting.

We please you to take-off the protective foil after the painting. At the attempt to remove the QS-etiquette, it destroys and also leaves a tessellated covering.

PLEASE NOTE: Warranty loss when breaking the sign!



Corrosion resistant packaging, usually on EURO pallets inclusive.
We add operating, and maintenance instructions on request at delivery.



We delivery our products all over Europe. We give the transportation to our reliable partners with whom we have had only positive experiences for years.

Express delivery is possible upon customer request.

More information in our general terms and conditions.


Written by: AGIROSSI 1 2007.08.23



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